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Got Your Back Online a RESILIENCY

A Self-Paced, On-Demand PROGRAM FROM PREP®

The Got Your Back Online program relies on active participation as a powerful teaching tool encouraging adult learners to be a driving force in their own education.
Got Your Back Online is built for individuals regardless of their relationship status. This on-demand course promotes prevention and resiliency. It is highly engaging, fun, and meaningful for today’s servicemembers. This video presented by PREP Inc.'s Multimedia Producer provides an overview of the on-demand program. 


Individuals benefit when they can integrate resiliency skills into both their professional and personal lives. That's why Got Your Back Online teaches servicemembers (single, married, or in a relationship single or otherwise) how to leverage their strengths whether on or off duty. 

Purchase Got Your Back Online in Quantity 

Got Your Back Online can be purchased in any quantity starting at one program and up! If you are interested in saving money and being able to track your servicemember's progress consider buying GYB Online PLUS. Below are the features you will receive when choosing this purchasing option. Got Your Back Online PLUS

Customized Pages

When you purchase GYB Online PLUS, your program begins and ends with customized messages from you to your servicemember.
Add your logo, website or Facebook address, promotional video, pre-survey, special message, and more. Just send us the info and we load it into the opening and closing screens. Need to update your message? Send it to us and we will be happy to get the new information added within 48 hours.

Trackable Progress

Be in the know! GYB Online PLUS allows you to see how your servicemembers are progressing. Did they register? Are they working on it? Did they complete it?
Your purchase gets you an easy-to-use and dynamically driven (automatically updates) database that keeps you on top of your servicemember's progress.

Discount Pricing

You can save money while providing this effective on-demand course to your individual servicemember.

SAVE NEARLY 50% when you buy 1000 or more units - $19.95 per unit.
Save $10 per unit when you buy 50-999 units - $24.95 per unit.

What users are saying

From a user in the U.S. Air Force, "Thus far I am quite impressed-especially with the clarification that the course is education NOT therapy!"

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