What’s New?
Got Your Back v5 offers a broader relevance and improved facilitator and participant materials.

Q. What do you mean by “broader relevance”? Is it the same audience and same focus as before?
The GYB v5 update retains a focus on relationships as well as individual well-being, decision making, and stress & coping. The update adds a more explicit emphasis on a wider range of important relationships, with more specific attention to workplace/team relationships as well as romantic and family relationships. Prior versions focused on participants who were single (dating or not). The updated version is designed so it can be used with groups that include not only those who are single (dating or not, seriously involved or not) but also those who are in committed relationships (e.g., marriage). This change enables you to teach all service members attending as individuals, regardless of their relationship status.

Q: How have the Facilitator materials changed?

A: Improved Facilitator Materials:
  • The core themes and emphases remain the same but there are notable improvements.
  • The Facilitator Guide has improved flow & transitions and better formatting for discussion prompts. The content in units is updated to improve clarity and applicability of what is presented, as well as broadening the relevance to a wider variety of important relationships (as mentioned above).
    • Ex: Participants practice adapting the Time Out strategy to several situations: with a commanding officer, a family member, a romantic partner. Likewise, participants are invited to explore the reasonableness of their expectations in both workplace and romantic circumstances.     
  • The PowerPoint slides have been updated for better viewing on projectors and televisions, and the media files (including PowerPoint and videos) now come in two versions, via digital download. One version is optimized for in-person training, with embedded videos in higher resolution, including captions for ease of understanding. A second version has videos separated by units, and videos are in lower resolution—both to help facilitate virtual use (Zoom, Teams, etc.).

Q: How have the Participant materials changed?
A: Improved Participant Materials: In the newest version of GYB, titled GYB v5, the Participant Guide is now a bound manual (as opposed to individual modules packaged in a folder). Having all the units contained in one book makes it much easier for servicemembers to keep their participant materials together and organized. The Participant Guide provides notes and stand-alone activities that all service members can explore on their own, if you can't get to every unit in your GYB v5 workshop.

Q: Will I be able to order the GYB v5 in individual modules?

A: Yes. We do offer individual modules.

Q: Will facilitators need to learn new content? How can I get trained in the new content?

A: Simply reading through the new Facilitator Guide will give facilitators all the new information they need for v5.

Q: Does GYB v5 fit in a one-day format?
A: To successfully run one-day workshops in GYB, you will have to make some decisions about what you will cover and in what type of format as well as setting. There are 8 units in GYB v5. If you were to cover them all without skipping content and with reasonable time management, we believe it would take you about 8 hours. This means going through the entire content is not really possible in a typical single-day workshop (such as on a duty day). As with all curricula from PREP, Inc., this material is flexible and allows you to make decisions based on time, opportunity, and available resources (including settings). There are some guiding principles about the decisions you might make for this in the front of the Facilitator Guide.

Q: If I’m not ready to make the switch to v5, can I still purchase the old version?
A: The previous version will no longer be available for purchase once the new version is released. If you really need to purchase modules of the previous version, please call our office as we can help you with orders until the stock runs out.

Q: Will I need a new Facilitator Guide (Leader Manual), Power Point, or other materials?
A: Since the content has changed, you WILL need to have the new facilitator materials for your next workshop. You can purchase a GYB v5 Facilitator Replacement Pack for $180 (includes Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide, Digital Download media files for in-person and online workshops).

Q: If I have additional questions, who do I contact?
A: As always, if you have questions that we can answer about these changes or any other aspect of GYB v5 or our recommendations for your work and those you serve, please just ask at info@PREPinc.com or call to speak to a member of the PREP, Inc. team at (800) 366-0166 .

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