A special word to the recent ACF grant winners

Congratulations to all FRAMEWorks, Fatherhood FIRE, and Ready4Life grant winners! As you may know, PREP has worked with ACF grantees throughout the history of HMRF grants. That past experience, along with our working knowledge of the HMRF 2020-2025 grants, will bring you tailored technical assistance for some of your most pressing issues (adaptation, facilitation quality, dosage, etc.). PTTA will assist you in improving upon the skills you acquired at our trainings and better equip you and your team to successfully deliver PREP curricula to your specific audience and follow ACF guidelines.

PREP Tailored Technical Assistance (PTTA) affordably connects grantees and others with our experts to improve your team’s audience-specific adaptation, fidelity, and delivery of PREP curricula, all of which are essential to quality relationship education.

Upon purchase of PTTA hours
We will match you with an advisor or you may choose the advisor you want to work one-on-one with your team. Ways to connect with your advisor include:

  • videoconferences
  • phone sessions
  • advisor attends one of your virtual workshops and provides feedback
  • advisor listens to or watches recordings of your workshops and provides feedback
  • when travel is permitted, your PREP advisor can visit your site, attend one of your workshops and provide feedback

What does PTTA Cost?
One Year Contract $1620 - Save 25%
This option includes one hour of technical assistance per month. You may purchase now and we will contact you to set up your PTTA. 12 SESSIONS PER YEAR

Per Hour Rate $180
If you are interested in purchasing PREP Tailored Technical Assistance by the hour you may purchase now and we will contact you to set up your times.  BY THE HOUR

Site Visits
Our site visits have resumed! Costs vary depending on location and length of visit.