Over the years, PREP master trainers have trained thousands of individuals in the different PREP curricula. Below are some Q & A's they have routinely been asked by attendees. We hope their responses answer some of your questions.  If you need further assistance, please call us at 800.366.0166 or email us at info@prepinc.com.

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1. How do I receive my completion certificate? 

Once you're trained, you will receive an "activate your account" email from us. After you activate it, you will be able to download your certificate. (If you're in the military, please use your civilian email address for your account.)

2. How long does my certification last? Do I have to be re-certified?

PREP certification lasts a lifetime! However, we are always refining our materials, so if you have not used our curriculum in a while you may be missing out on the newest research and insights. You may consider signing up for one of our on-demand refresher courses or attend another training with the updated version. You may also want to be trained in one of the other curriculum that PREP offers. 

3. Is there ongoing help as I start offering classes? Is there a way to keep getting facilitation tips after the training? 

YES! If you want more help getting a program started or want help evaluating your workshops, we offer PREP Tailored Technical Assistance. Our commitment to training and technical assistance helps produce confident facilitators who understand fidelity to our program and pedagogy. From time to time, we email out facilitation ideas or new products that can help you beyond the initial training.

You can find more facilitator resources such as research articles and papers here, and we invite all PREP-trained facilitators to join our Facebook group where you can exchange best practices, pose questions, and offer encouragement within a network of PREP facilitators worldwide. 


4. As a trained facilitator, are there ways for me to brush up on the content after the training?

YES! Upon completion of your training you will receive a link to review the training online for one year. Currently, these reviews are available for PREP 8.0 and Within My Reach courses only. 

5. How do I order? Who do I order from? 

Log-in to your PREP account to order and pay directly online. If you need a quote or wish to pay with another method, email us at info@prepinc.com or call us at 800-366-0166. A real person answers the phone and will get you what you need, when you need it.

6. How much can I adapt the activities, length of course, and order of content and still maintain fidelity to the program? 

Great question! Adaptation of curricula is often necessary to meet the needs of your audience. The simple answer is contact us for the fidelity checklist for the program you are using to be sure you stay on track. PREP also offers a variety of sample schedules for events. 

If you need additional help with your curriculum adaptations we suggest you consider purchasing an hour of PREP Tailored Technical Assistance. 

Remember, we have a team of real people answering the phone at 800-366-0166, as well as our email at info@prepinc.com. Contact us and we will gladly assist you! 

7. How do I combine this curriculum within other curricula?

PREP Inc’s curricula are compatible with a variety of other curricula approved for your use. We think it is very important to ensure your participants have a clear understanding of what is PREP material and what is material from another curriculum. The easiest and best way to do this is to present the PREP material in its entirety and then shift to another curriculum.
We do get inquiries from participants who are confused about a point they learned in a workshop only to find out that their question is not about PREP material but about a different curriculum altogether.

8. How do I adapt things for groups of varying sizes?

There are "sweet spots" for numbers of attendees, a rule of thumb is no less than 4 couples for an event or no less than 6 attendees if the event is for individuals. Technical assistance could really help you walk through some of the strategies of small, medium, and large groups. We offer our materials in a variety of formats, ranging from full kits to individual modules.

9. How do I handle getting participant materials to people at a distance?

PREP ships materials around the world. If you are in Boston and your event is in Atlanta, we can ship directly to your venue or hotel. APO/FPO shipping addresses are also welcomed. Expedited shipping to the continental US is available for an additional fee. If you are conducting an online class your attendees will need their materials prior to the start of the event. We will ship the materials to you directly for you to disperse. PREP is able to ship to each address. There will be shipping charges per address.

10. I was certified in PREP at a military training and am currently serving in the military, can I use this in my civilian career?

YES! If you have been trained in a PREP curriculum in a military setting, you can take any of our curriculum into civilian settings. Many PREP-certified military folks work with service members during the week and civilians on the weekends. Many also continue to use PREP after they retire from the military. 

11. Is there a faith-based curriculum? 

YES!  A Lasting Promise: Christian PREP for Couples.  It is an ideal curriculum for marriage enrichment or premarital classes for couples. We also offer A Lasting Promise Book Study

12. Can I copy the manuals and materials?

The answer to this important question is "no". All PREP curricula and materials are copyrighted. You will need to purchase your participant and leader materials either directly through our website or call us at 800.366.0166 to place an order.

13. What research justifies spending money on PREP materials (over other companies)? 

There are more studies on PREP by more researchers on more continents on variations of PREP than ANY other relationship education program that's ever existed!

While other RE companies start with curricula and then do studies on what they've created, PREP, Inc. curricula is the result of research continually conducted by scientists over the past 40 years, followed by rigorous testing to continually refine the materials.

Because of the number of randomized controlled trials and other studies conducted on the PREP Approach, PREP, Inc. is the "gold standard" for the development and dissemination of evidence-based RE curricula, produced by a team of educators who understand program fidelity and pedagogy.

14. Where can I learn more about the research foundation of PREP and its effectiveness? 

  • For a quick overview of our research, click here
  • For more in-depth information on the research foundation and outcome studies for PREP programs, click here.  

If you have a specific research topic that you would like to have more information on, please contact maggie@prepinc.com. We will do our best to provide it to you.

15. Is there an online version of the curriculum designed to teach couples/individuals who cannot be in a workshop?

PREP currently offers two on-demand, self-paced programs: ePREP (for couples) and Got Your Back Online (for individual service members).


16. Does PREP help us make a case for grant funding?

YES! The PREP team works hard to provide potential grantees with digital packets to assist you in writing your grant. We have worked with HHS since the inception of the ACF grants, as well as working with state, county, hospital systems, and private grantees. Grantee Help

17. How do I log in, and what if I've forgotten my password? 

If you have forgotten your username and password, you can retrieve them by going to the top of the page and clicking the "My Account" button. If you experience trouble, or still can't find your account, please call us 800-366-0166 and we will assist you. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time.

18. What other PREP, Inc. curricula is available to me? 

As a PREP-certified facilitator you are invited to teach any of our curriculum as well as the curriculum in which you were trained.

We offer a variety of empirically informed and tested curricula

You will need the leader materials for a particular curriculum to begin. 


Thinking about becoming PREP-certified? Please call 800-366-0166 for training options, or visit our training calendar.


"The trainer is great! He does an amazing job delivering the curriculum. He has really educated us as to how to deliver the materials effectively.  Also, the info is amazing and applicable to EVERYONE!” 

"I have been so supported thru the last decades, frankly by the PREP team and all that is offered. I have gone from video tapes to DVD's to online watching the couples do the skills!  Thanks for all you do...a great resource I pass on to any who will listen!!