In the field of relationship education, evidence of effectiveness is often linked back to the programs that choose to invest heavily in training and support for their employees. 

Why get PREP trained?

PREP prepares facilitators who want to use our approach to make a difference in people’s lives through relationship education. We provide the most researched and evaluated materials as well as experiential and thorough trainings. PREP also provides comprehensive technical assistance for our certified facilitators.

Our commitment to training and technical assistance helps produce confident facilitators who understand fidelity to our program and pedagogy.

In order to facilitate and purchase PREP curricula, (PREP 8.0/PREP 8.0 Spanish, Got Your Back, Within My Reach, On My Shoulders, Winning the Workplace or Walking the Line), you need to be a PREP-certified facilitator.

Thinking about becoming PREP-certified? Please call (800) 366-0166 for training options, or visit our training calendar:

If you are a PREP certified facilitator, please login in with the username and password. If you have forgotten your username and password, you can retrieve your login information by going to the top of the page and clicking the "My Account" button.  If you experience trouble, or still can't find your account, please call us during normal business hours and we will assist you.


"The trainer is great! He does an amazing job delivering the curriculum. He has really educated us as to how to deliver the materials effectively.  Also, the info is amazing and applicable to EVERYONE!” 

"I have been so supported thru the last decades, frankly by the PREP team and all that is offered. I have gone from video tapes to DVD's to online watching the couples do the skills!  Thanks for all you do...a great resource I pass on to any who will listen!!