The PREP Approach in Couples Therapy

The PREP Approach in Couples Therapy
A training course is for mental health professionals and relationship education facilitators.

This master class is taught by internationally recognized scholars Howard Markman Ph.D., Scott Stanley Ph.D., and Galena Rhoades Ph.D.

Their insights and commitment to sound research have led advances in many areas of marital and relationship health, including communication, conflict management, and commitment.

These three experts are conducting this training on how to use the skills and strategies of PREP in couple therapy. While PREP was designed as a psycho-educational program, the key concepts are particularly effective and easy to use in couple therapy. This is training is focused on using and applying powerful strategies in the context of therapy with couples or individuals.

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PREP 8.0 On Demand Training

PREP 8.0 is the most current, instructor friendly, and engaging version of our couples curricula.

Core themes include healthy communication, conflict management, commitment, expectations, fun & friendship, problem-solving, and emotional support. Through the use of participant-friendly materials, videos, and learner-centered activities, PREP 8.0 helps instructors guide couples on a journey of discovery to understand, appreciate, and enrich their connection with each other.

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Within My Reach On Demand Training

This online training, which was compiled using footage from a live Zoom training, covers the most up-to-date version of Within My Reach (version 4). Those who purchase this training will receive an in-depth break down of units 1-10 of Within My Reach, as well as a brief overview of units 11-15.

Within My Reach is a flexible curriculum designed with the following four goals in mind:
1. helping those in viable relationships to cultivate, protect, and stabilize their unions, and to marry if desired;
2. helping those in damaging relationships to build the support they need to leave safely;
3. helping those desiring a romantic relationship to choose future partners wisely; and/or
4. helping those with children or complicated parenting histories to navigate their romantic relationships in ways that improve the odds for themselves and their children.

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