PREP Inc. is the gold standard for the development and dissemination of evidence-based relationship education curricula.

Overview of PREP findings

There are more studies by more researchers on more continents on variations of PREP than ANY relationship education program that’s ever existed.

PREP curricula are scientifically based. The strategies of PREP are based on a body of research on marital and family health. The PREP Approach is based on over 40 years of research in the field of relationship health and success, with much of the specific research conducted at the University of Denver as well as other universities, with a great deal of the research being funded by federal agencies such as branches of the National Institutes of Health and the Administration for Children and Families. 

PREP works to regularly refine our strategies and materials based on ongoing research being conducted by various social scientists around the world. As research reveals more about relationships, PREP incorporates the latest most useful findings into its curricula.

While some of the values underlying strong and healthy relationships are timeless (e.g., respect, commitment, forgiveness), there is always more to learn about helping couples and individuals to become more resilient. As well as providing cutting edge knowledge, PREP also refines its educational strategies for teaching adult learners.

For a list of outcome studies on variations or adaptations of PREP curricula, click here.

PREP is Empirically Informed

This video will help shed light on the meaning of "empirically informed" as explained by Dr. Scott Stanley, PREP Co-Developer and a leading expert in the field of Relationship Development.

PREP is Empirically Tested

Dr. Scott Stanley, also explains how PREP materials are tested for solid results in the Relationship Education field.

PREP is Continually Refined

PREP regularly improves, strengthens, and refines our materials based on research as well as giving great regard to feedback from those using our materials in the field.

PREP has been studied intensively for several decades.

Over the years PREP curricula have been evaluated by six different research teams and its effectiveness has been studied in four different countries. PREP, Inc., is among the very few curricula providers who can say that we offer curricula that have demonstrated beneficial effects in accordance with highly rigorous scientific standards for dissemination. [Note, these abstracts have not been updated for a number of years. If you want a list of the most recent citations, please see this document.] 

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Scholars associated with PREP have written well over 200 journal articles, book chapters, and reports based on their research. 

Since 1980, this body of research has received support from the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. [Note, these abstracts have not been updated for a number of years. If you want a list of the most recent citations, you can browse the Google Scholar citations list for Dr. Scott Stanley (which will include many citations co-authored by Markman, Stanley, and Rhoades.]

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The PREP team is also relied upon to provide talks and research summaries.

As experts in the field, the team often puts together powerful presentations that report on relationship education or the relationship dynamics that are being studied in the field.

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