Whether your organization is applying for, or has already been awarded, a federal, state, local or private grant, PREP offers a plethora of tools that will assist you.

Digital grant packets

Our grantee packets assist in effective grant writing by providing curriculum-specific information. Included in each curriculum specific packet: Detailed Description of the Curriculum, Evidence of Effectiveness, Logic Model, Participant Materials Pricing, and Training Policies.

PREP 8.0 and PREP 8.0 Spanish - curricula for couples
Within My Reach and A Mi Alcance - curricula for individuals
On My Shoulders - curriculum for fathers
Walking the Line - curriculum for the incarcerated and/or individuals in re-entry
Winning the Workplace Challenge - curriculum for business

The digital packets are free upon request. Contact: maggie@prepinc.com 720.227.0148

Experiential trainings

In the field of relationship education, evidence of effectiveness is often linked to programs that choose to invest heavily in training and support for their staff.

A staff member that is well trained in our curricula is a strong asset for the grantee, as they can confidently facilitate the curriculum. A well-trained staff can also aide in reducing attrition. PREP’s philosophy is that in-person/virtual training is the best way to ensure the integrity of your program, prevent high turnover cost, and make sure that your employees get the support they need to be effective.

At PREP trainings, whether in person or virtual, attendees receive instruction in the content of the PREP curriculum they will be using, model presentations and presenting practice, as well as feedback and tips from seasoned experts.

Tailored technical assistance

PREP's tailored Technical Assistance (TA) gives you access to a PREP master trainer who will be dedicated to your particular needs. TA is provided on a quarterly basis to coincide with delivery of the curriculum as well as hour-long calls with your instructors and program managers. (can be tailored to length of your program)
Site visits where PREP master trainers model workshop implementation.
Your workshop leaders will gain insight as they watch our experts in action conducting one of your workshops.
Our advisors can provide assistance via phone, email, video conference and site visits. A PREP Tailored TA package dedicates that expertise solely to you and your needs. Keep in mind, our experts have trained thousands of individuals looking to run workshops and programs. We have found solutions for many different issues.

Additional PREP resources

ePREP - an online couples relationship education workshop where couples can access essential skills and strategies of healthy relationships from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule. There has been 4 randomized controlled trials (RCT's) conducted studying the positive effects of this online program.

Ongoing Staff Development -The initial 3-day certification training is a great way to get acquainted with the core skills and strategies presented in PREP, but effectively facilitating workshops takes more than knowing the content. PREP Inc. provides a range of on-doing supplemental training options to help make your program successful. Topics include: teaching with the best practices of engaged learning, running workshops from a safe distance (such as Zoom-based workshops), overcoming the barriers of participation, coaching the Speaker Listener Technique, and much more.

PREP Toolbox - PREP also offers a subscription based resource providing unlimited access to the PREP video collection. Learn more about PREPToolbox.

PREPing a Couples Workshop (a tutorial) - an online video tutorial that provides programmatic-level support for making effective decisions at a programmatic-level. As you plan how to best integrate PREP into your program, we have put together videos of our team's best practices around topics that are key to preparation. Topics include:

• effective facilitation and content delivery tips
• managing the physical space for optimal learning
• making decisions about dosage and format
• tips for coaching
• screening (particularly for Intimate Partner Violence)
• who to serve
• incentives and barriers to attendance
• promoting lasting change…beyond the workshop
• maintaining curricular fidelity

Documentations - To support your efforts to work in accordance with the developer’s guidelines, PREP offers a myriad of free digital support documents often used by grant-funded organizations. These documents help you prove fidelity throughout your grant cycle. Includes: Pre/Post-Evaluations, Curriculum Fidelity Checklists, and Best Practices Documents (such as: Speaker Listener Coaching Guides).


PREP 8.0 trainings

"Presenters are in the top 5% of all I have experienced in my life! ARTICULATE & AWESOME"

"Enjoyed breaking each section down to how to use it when training. Jeff was great at how he delivers the curriculum which helps in how I may do it."

"Adequately answered our questions and offered a variety of suggestions to us when we had concerns."

"Really enjoyed going through the curriculum and doing the activities. Thank you also for your sense of humor."

"Presenter was well prepared and had a lot of knowledge."

WMR trainings

"The overall learning environment, material, and especially the facilitator, Miranda allowed for a comprehensive educational experience."

"I enjoyed the presenters and meeting Dr. Stanley."

"The trainers were knowledgeable, thorough, and very engaging."

"The facilitator was absolutely amazing, and I absolutely loved the knowledge about communication."

"Very "here" and warm"

"Appreciated the background and science of the WMR curriculum."

PREP Resources

Winning the Workplace - "...we have now conducted the course to 223 people and have one more session in January for a total of 260.  The class was used as a teambuilding exercise.  We surveyed people after the class and got high marks (average of over 4 on a scale of 1-5) on all questions asked."

PREP Toolbox - "... I teach psych courses a couple of times a year. I am so happy for it (PREP Toolbox)."