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ePREP is an on-demand program brought to you by PREP Inc., the gold standard for developing relationship education curricula. The skills and strategies presented in ePREP have helped millions around the world. If you are looking for help with your relationship, ePREP at $39.95 has a proven track record of helping couples.


~ Increases in dedication~ Increases in constructive communication
~ Increases in levels of trust
~ Participants were less likely to break up with their significant others 
~ Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression
~ Reduced alternative monitoring (comparing the current relationship to other potential romantic connections)
~ Reduced frequency of psychological aggression
~ Reduced frequency of physical aggression 

If you are part of an organization, installation, or have several clients and are interested in volume buying at lower prices and track-ability we recommend ePREP PLUS. 

ePREP PLUS Features

ePREP PLUS Features

If you are interested in saving money and being able to track your client's progress consider buying ePREP PLUS. 

Discount Pricing

Save $15 per unit when you buy 1000+ units - $25.95 per unit. 
Save $10 per unit when you buy 100-999 units - $29.95 per unit.
Save $5 per unit 
when you buy 50-99 units - $34.95 per unit.

Prices include all of the ePREP Plus Features listed below. Upon purchase, we will contact you within 2 business days to set up your ePREP Plus account.

Customized Pages

When you purchase ePREP PLUS, your program begins and ends with customized messages from you to your clients.
Add your logo, website link, promotional video, pre-survey, special message, etc. Just send us the info and we load it into the opening and closing screens. Need an update on your message? Send it to us and we will be happy to get the new information added within two business days.

Trackable Progress

Be in the know!  ePREP PLUS allows you to see how your clients are progressing. Did they register? Are they working on it? Did they complete it?

Your purchase gets you an easy-to-use and dynamically driven (automatically updated) database that keeps you on top of you informed.

ePREP Coaching Guide

Want to know one of the most effective ways to enhance the effectiveness of ePREP?

Conduct brief check-ins with your couples on their progress, and answer any questions they have or help them overcome barriers to taking the course.

Research shows that such check-ins by you or someone on your team can lead to 15-50% higher completion rates as well as stronger effects in the lives of the couples. We know that this is not always possible, but we also know it is something you can do to increase the difference made in their lives. It is also one of the most effective ways to strengthen your connection with those couples you serve.

There are various ways to have ongoing contacts with couples to help them get the most out of ePREP. On the briefest approach, you can contact couples after a week or so and ask how it is going, and then contact them again after a couple of weeks to check in again. A more substantial strategy—but still involving relatively brief contacts—is to plan four 15-minute meetings with the couples over the course of their taking ePREP. This model allows for coaching couples in some of the key skills as they are learning them over the course of taking ePREP.

This model has shown very promising effects in a large, rigorous, national study. If you are interested in learning more about that model, we have a manual and a brief training we are happy to provide for how to do this effectively and efficiently. Lastly, a successful strategy can combine these two approaches. You can use minimal check-ins to see how couples are doing, and if they say they would like a little more support, jump in and schedule some 15-minute skill-coaching sessions with them. That is a very effective approach that conserves your time and resources. If you are PREP-certified and have already purchased ePREP contact us today for the digital download.

We are here to answer questions. Call us at 800.366.0166 or info@prepinc.com

Newest ePREP Research

Online programs improve relationship functioning for distressed low-income couples: Results from a nationwide randomized controlled trial.
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"The fountain that keeps on giving! The tools we gained in the E-prep course improve our everyday. Learning how to listen to one another and turn a disagreement into a relationship building discussion. We constantly find ourselves using E-prep tools subconsciously, and it makes us both feel comfortable, open, and healthy in our relationship."  -A couple in Israel

"We just completed ePREP! It was phenomenal! " - Navy Chaplain stationed in Europe

"My husband and I had completed the ePREP program (we loved it💕)" - Antonieta

"First I just wanted to say that the links we purchased in the past were awesome! We are looking to purchase more..." - Naval Base in the Pacific

"I really did enjoy this program.  Can see lots of uses for it and am talking with others about how to use this and combine some follow-up coaching/mentoring etc.!" -former Army Chaplain working with the Navy in Spain as a CREDO Facilitator

"It did give us some new tools to use for our relationship...I would recommend ePrep to a friend. It has a lot of great tools that every couple should try to use to strengthen their relationship." -Dominique

“I liked all of it! I received a better understanding of the concepts I had attempted to use before. I have a deeper knowledge about hidden issues and how there is not always a problem to solve within arguments.” -A user from Texas

"It has helped us grow as a couple and we would recommend it to anyone and everyone!" -Laura and Corey

"I have used this curriculum to support couples counseling sessions I have facilitated...I would recommend this product to other therapists needing psycho-education to provide to clients, as well as for personal use." -Jessica

"We are on section 3 and have learned so much already! My boyfriend is very excited about finishing ePREP and he has even posted notes on the 'filter' so he can actively identify them as they come up." -Anonymous

"We both really love the insight this program is offering! ... tell the researchers thanks for the hard work researching and making it available to us!" -A couple from Texas

“I found ePREP through an article that had several online sites to help relationships. I'm glad I found it! -Anonymous


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