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Please email info@prepinc.com the name and email address of the instructor if different from the name and email address on the order.

Within My Reach v4 is a flexible curriculum designed with the following four goals in mind:
1. helping those in viable relationships to cultivate, protect, and stabilize their unions, and to marry if desired;
2. helping those in damaging relationships to build the support they need to leave safely;
3. helping those desiring a romantic relationship to choose future partners wisely; and/or
4. helping those with children or complicated parenting histories to navigate their romantic relationships in ways that improve the odds for themselves and their children.

This online training, which was compiled using footage from a live Zoom training, covers the most up-to-date version of Within My Reach (version 4). Those who purchase this training will receive an in-depth breakdown of units 1-10 of Within My Reach, as well as a brief overview of units 11-15.

*Because this training was created using footage from Zoom, participants will get a chance to watch as PREP’s master trainers answer “real-time” questions that were asked in the chat. Additionally, certain portions of the training were cut or modified in order to protect participant privacy.

The Within My Reach v4 Online Instructor Training
 takes approximately 13 hours to complete and covers the 15 modules of the curriculum.  The price includes the program link, which is good for six months,  the WMR Instructor Kit, and ground shipping within the continental U.S.   If you need the Instructor Kit shipped overseas, expedited, please choose the 2nd option.

This training will certify you to implement the Within My Reach curriculum in a workshop setting as well as allow you to purchase the Within My Reach participant materials in the PREP store. 

15 hours of Continuing Education Units are available at an additional cost of $45. Upon 100% course completion, we will send you the purchase information.

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