Understanding Commitment DVD



Dr. Scott Stanley’s revised DVD:
Understanding Commitment

Learn four strategies to ignite or rekindle the commitment in your relationship.



New Version with Animations!

The original Understanding Commitment DVD was born out of a presentation that Dr. Scott Stanley* delivered to a large group in 2004. This lively presentation is full of wit and wisdom about how to have a thriving commitment. In this newest edition, we have added 9 animations for the stories Dr. Stanley presents!!

Content Overview
This 26 minute DVD is a tool that couples and individuals can use to help them practice commitment more mindfully, Dr. Stanley introduces four important elements of dedication and turns them into four everyday strategies. Strategies that anyone can use to work towards rediscovering and recapturing the joyous-side of their commitment, the dedication-side.

Topics Addressed

Topics addressed in this 26 min DVD include:

  • Why is Commitment a Good Thing?
  • What Starts People Down the Path to Infidelity?
  • How Can We Stop Taking Each Other for Granted?
  • What Does Sacrifice have to do with Commitment?
  • Why Do We Threaten to Breakup, When What We Really Want Is to Stay Together?
  • Is Modern “ME-centric” Culture Hurting Relationships?
  • How Can We Start Investing in Our Relationship?

What people are saying

“We highly recommend you watch this DVD before you take one more step on your commitment journey.”  -Lee & Katie (Denver, CO.)

“I purchased this DVD for my cousin and his fiancé, because I want them to have a running start at a successful happy marriage.” -Kasey (Denver, CO.)


*Scott Stanley, Ph.D. is a founder of PREP, and is the president of PREP Educational Products, Inc. He conducts research at the University of Denver where he is a research professor and co-director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies. He has published widely with research interests including commitment, cohabitation, communication, conflict, risk factors for divorce, the prevention of marital distress, and couple development before marriage.

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