Relationship skills and strategies began to be taught in earnest in the early 1970s. By then, researchers had compiled enough concrete scientific evidence that couples could learn ways in which to safeguard their relationships and improve their mutual understanding and intimacy levels. Up until that point, the primary resource for couples was marriage therapy. Drs. Howard Markman and Scott Stanley, two of the primary founders of PREP, Inc., have conducted numerous research studies to determine what skills and strategies most benefit participants who seek to improve their relationships.

Listed below are abstracts for articles that fall into the Basic Science Research category. These articles focus on the individual variables that impact relationship success; such as communication strategies, oxytocin levels, or co-habitation prior to marriage. This research is highly respected in the field of relationship education, and it is not uncommon to see the findings in these articles and the names Markman and Stanley cited in even our competitors' curricula. If you are interested in the full article please contact us at

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Hitting Home: Relationships between Recent Deployment, Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms, and Marital Functioning for Army Couples - DOWNLOAD
If I Help My Partner, Will It Hurt Me? Perceptions of Sacrifice In Romantic Relationships - DOWNLOAD
Insights On the Foundations of Relationship Success - DOWNLOAD
Maybe I Do: Interpersonal Commitment and Premarital Or Nonmarital Cohabitation - DOWNLOAD
Prayer and Marital Intervention: A Conceptual Framework - DOWNLOAD
Prayer and Marital Intervention: Toward an Open, Empirically-Grounded Dialogue - DOWNLOAD
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Premarital Cohabitation, Husbands' Commitment, and Wives' Satisfaction - DOWNLOAD
Premarital Precursors of Marital Infidelity - DOWNLOAD
Relationship Problems in the Early Stages of Marriage - DOWNLOAD
Relative Contributions of Relationship Distress and Depression To Communication Patterns - DOWNLOAD
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Sliding vs. Deciding: Inertia and the Premarital Cohabitation Effect - DOWNLOAD
The Effect of the Transition to Parenthood On Relationship Quality: An Eight-Year Prospective Study - DOWNLOAD
The Pre-Engagement Cohabitation Effect: A Replication and Extension of Previous Findings - DOWNLOAD
The Revised Commitment Inventory: Psychometrics and Use With Unmarried - DOWNLOAD
The Timing of Cohabitation and Engagement: Impact On First and Second Marriages - DOWNLOAD
Timing Is Everything: Pre-Engagement Cohabitation and Increased Risk For Poor Marital Outcomes - DOWNLOAD
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