PREP Tailored Technical Assistance (1 year contract)



PREP Tailored Technical Assistance (PTTA) One Year Contract

PREP offers tailored one-on-one meetings (whether virtual or in-person) with individualized responses to some of your most pressing issues (adaptation, facilitation, dosage, etc.…) with the intention of improving upon the skills you acquired at our training.  This will better equip you and your team to successfully facilitate PREP curricula.

Further, your PREP advisor can also provide feedback to facilitators by visiting the site and attending a workshop. Or another option, the PREP advisor will watch recordings of your workshops and provide feedback to the facilitators over ZOOM or the phone.

PTTA One Year Contract (12 hours) Cost

Save 25% discount off of the hourly rate with this option. This option includes one hour of technical assistance per month (or as needed) for $1620.00. Purchase now and we will contact you to get your PTTA set up.


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