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Sliding vs. Deciding

Sliding vs. Deciding is a collection of blogs by Dr. Scott Stanley, a social science researcher at the University of Denver.  Each blog explores the psychology behind some of the most important decisions we will ever make-- that is, our decisions about romantic relationships.      


Did you know that self-control is a limited resource?  Have you ever had the DTR (define the relationship) talk?  Have you ever pondered why people feel the need to avoid the DTR talk at all costs? Ever wonder what economics has to do with your love life?  Or, contemplate how dating has changed for the younger generation and what that change means for the future of marriage as a commitment?


In the words of Dr. Stanley, “Love may not always be blind, but 20/20 vision seems pretty much out of the question.”  If you’ve ever been confused by love or felt short-sighted, you might find this collection enlightening.  This book contains a valuable insider look at the research on romance. 

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