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PREP develops in-person interventions that can prevent problems, improve relationship health, and cut the risk of divorce. The only problem is that many people don't have an easy way to learn the skills and strategies of PREP that are most often taught in workshops or counseling, especially in this COVID-19 environment.  

That's why we've developed ePREP.

ePREP is a self paced, fully narrated course that delivers the interventions developed by PREP.  Multiple randomized clinical trials have demonstrated that the benefits of ePREP include:

~ Increases in dedication
~ Increases in constructive communication
~ Increases in levels of trust
~ Participants were less likely to break-up with their significant others 
~ Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression
~ Reduced alternative monitoring (comparing the current relationship to other potential  romantic connections)
~ Reduced frequency of psychological aggression
~ Reduced frequency of physical aggression

ePREP has been shown to be especially effective when it is combined with skills coaching sessions with a certified PREP Trained Leader.  If you are certified in PREP, call us to help you implement this strategy, we have additional tools to get you going. 800-366-0166

If you purchase ePREP here at www.prepinc.com, we will either contact you via email with an activation link as your order is processed or give you a call if you have made a bulk purchase.  This may take up to 72 hours depending on when you make your purchase.  If you want to purchase and start ePREP immediately please visit lovetakeslearning.com

ePREP Testimonials

"I wanted to thank you again for the session the other evening, and wanted to update you that we are finding the (ePREP) course extremely helpful! It’s been a source of positivity, and stability. So thank you!" -an International Client

"It did give us some new tools to use for our relationship...I would recommend ePrep to a friend. It has a lot of great tools that every couple should try to use to strengthen their relationship." -Dominique

"It has helped us grow as a couple and we would recommend it to anyone and everyone!" -Laura and Corey

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