Calming Skills Audio CD



Can be used by facilitators as well as individuals!

The Calming Skills audio CD is included in most of our Leader Kits as a tool to help facilitators guide participants through various stress and relaxation skills. We also recommend this product as a great supplementary tool that facilitators can give to participants to help them continue to practice stress and calming exercises at home.

For individuals, if you are interested in this tool for yourself, it can be used to help you re-establish calmness after a stressful event or it can be used as a tool to help you calm down in preparation for a difficult conversation.

Audio Tracks: 1. Basic Relaxation Exercise 11:22 2. Quick Relaxation Exercise 2:40 3. Relax Away Negative Thoughts 4:03 4. Relax Before Talking Together 2:46 5. The Wise Place Exercise 5:44 6. Word Focused Relaxation 3:34

Preview of the Calming Skills Audio CD:

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