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Walking the Line was developed for incarcerated men who may or may not currently be in a romantic relationship. It was developed in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

This program is NOT about focusing on the deficits of men, but rather understanding their barriers and providing possible solutions. The themes that are repeated in this program include the importance of fathers in the lives of their children, the value of understanding and accepting oneself, the importance of strengthening the relationship with the mother, and the role of new skills and strategies to promote those healthy relationships.

Ultimately, Walking the Line offers a skills-based program with critical, concrete tools that help participants control their own relationship choices in a way that will lead to more enriching, more satisfying interactions with the people that matter in their lives.

Logistics. There are 15 total units (ranging from 55-95 minutes each), covering topics including: personality differences, issues and events that fuel conflict, how the past affects the future, communication, handling anger and stress well, showing respect, expectations, chemistry of love, commitment, the significance of fathers, re-entry, life sentences, forgiveness and focusing on a mission.

Walking the Line Instructor Kit

The Walking the Line Instructor Kit comes with everything you would need to lead a Walking the Line workshop. It is included when you register for any Walking the Line Training. 

Included in the Walking the Line Instructor Kit:

One Walking the Line Instructor Manual
One Walking the Line Participant Manual
One Downloadable Media link with PowerPoint Presentation & Facilitator Resources
Two Personality Tests
One PREP Bag
One Floor Card
One Floor Magnet
One PREP Pen
One Notepad

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