Within Our Reach Core Participant Manual



Length of Training:

  • 8 hours total
  • Each separate unit is between 30-60 minutes long


The latest information on fragile and disadvantaged families informs the construction and the delivery of each unit and each lesson. However, this material is appropriate for couples in all circumstances—whether married, living together, dating, with or without children.  

Number of Activities:

Within Our Reach (8 hours) includes over 22 activities & moves away from the traditional lecture format to help engage busy couples in the actual application of the themes presented.

 The Primary Objectives are for couples to:

  • Learn to replace communication danger signs with proactive strategies for respectful talking and listening.
  • Explore sharing fun and working as a team to nurture and support each other.
  • Practice managing stress and reducing the negative effects of stress on a relationship.
  • Recognizing and communicate issues and expectations, including planning for the future. 
  • Investigate the impact that past experiences can have on a couple’s future.
  • Begin to acknowledge long-term satisfaction through the gift of commitment.

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