Personality Tool Leader Kit



The Personality Stand Alone Leader Kit

This is a stand alone tool that can be used to run a 1-hour personality workshop in a group setting with individuals.

The Personality Standalone Leader Kit Includes:

  • Leader Guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Clip DVD (Grandpa’s 90th Birthday Animation)
  • Participant Guide
  • Personality Tool

How to Set Up a Workshop Using this Standalone

If you would like to run a personality workshop, we recommend ordering one participant guide for each person. Click here to purchase additional participant guides. Cost: $3.25 for each additional participant guide (including the personality tool).

Workshop Goals

The following three strategies are presented: Participants will identify their own personality style, participants will work to understand their own personality style and other personality styles better, and participants will practice building bridges across personality differences.

Workshop Overview

First, participants will watch a short animation that is designed to show how personality differences can impact how individuals communicate. Then, after processing the personality traits that they see onscreen, participants will each take a short (20-minute) personality test to identify their personality style. Once they know their personality style, they will gather into small groups with other individuals who share their personality style. In those small groups they will talk about what their personality looks like so that they can then share their discoveries with the whole group.

Why Facilitators Love It

Workshop facilitators have told us that they often like to get people hooked on relationship education starting with our activities around personality. Why? Because the personality material is the most engaging, the most memorable, and the most fun material we have.

How Participants Benefit

Personality conflicts can serve as barriers to healthy communication and camaraderie—personally and professionally. Understanding different personality styles better offers a beginning to working with different personality types more effectively.

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