Personality Tool (Packs of 10)



The Personality Tool is a behavioral trait assessment tool that is simple, fun, and very useful in furthering both self-discovery and interpersonal awareness. We often assume that others see things the way we see them. We assume that others will react to each situation the way we would react. This simply is not true. The personality tool is a great discussion starter for your group to acknowledge and be more respectful of differences.

Whether you are leading a group of singles, or a group of couples, exploring the positive and negative traits of each personality color can be a powerful tool in teaching tolerance for each other’s differences. The Personality Tool is designed to help you discover how people are different when it comes to how they handle life and relationships. It can help you think about your own strengths and potential pitfalls with others. 

The Personality Test by Dawn Billings, All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2004. Adapted and published by PREP® for Individuals, Inc. by permission from Dawn Billings

(Also comes in Spanish)

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