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PREP Version 8.0 is the most current version of that flagship curriculum for couples. This current edition of PREP maintains all of the core themes of the PREP Approach, which is based on over 30 years of research into relationship dynamics. However, here are some of the changes that you will find in this new version:

  • The PREP 8.0 participant guides are individually-bound manuals - one for each unit. They are each eight-page, full-color, staple-bound participant guides. You can order the full series of participant guides or you can order participant guides for a particular unit. This provides facilitators with increased flexibility when it comes to content delivery and when it comes to working within specific time constraints. 
  • The PREP 8.0 Leader Guide has bullets that will provide you with the overall teaching points and additional script that you can use to guide you through making those points clearly. Advanced facilitators do not teach directly from the script, but it is a good resource when you are first beginning to facilitate workshops.
  • The language, content and examples provided in the Leader Guide are geared for committed couples who may or may not be married, but want to make their relationship the best it can be.
  • There are several new videos that include real couples discussing their real issues. Those videos were filmed and produced in 2015 and we did our best to capture issues that are relevant for today's couples.
  • In addition to new videos, we also have a mix of media including illustrated lectures, animations and some live lecture videos that help to make valuable teaching points while keeping participants engaged.

This Leader Kit comes with all the leader materials you would need to lead a PREP 8.0 workshop. It is included when you register for any PREP 8.0 Training. 
(Participant materials will need to be purchased separately when you are ready to hold a workshop or event.)

Included in the PREP 8.0 Leader Kit:

One PREP 8.0 Instructor Manual
One PREP 8.0 Participant Pack
One Notepad
Two Primary Colors Personality Tools
One PREP 8.0 Contract
One Calming Skills CD
One PREP 8.0 Media Disk 
25 Floor Cards
Danger Signs & Time Out Card 
One Floor Magnet
One PREP Pen
One PREP Bag

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